Bands for Beauties

Introduction: Bands for Beauties

Childhood Cancer is a terrible thing that no one should have to endure. Knowing children who have had Cancer is heart breaking and we wanted to do something to brighten their day! Kids with Cancer have to put life on hold, while everyone else gets to keep doing everyday activities. Every child should feel pretty and special. Bands for Beauties is a Girl Scout Silver Award that two Cadettes put together. Bands for Beauties is headbands and hats made for children with Cancer. This project uses plain t-shirts to make the hats and headbands.

Step 1: Making the Base of the Flowers

Find some thin cardboard and make circles about the size of a pony tail holder. Take some felt and make circles the size of a pony tail holder. Now hot glue a felt circle to both sides of the cardboard circle. Now you have the base of the flower!

Step 2: Cutting and Gluing the Flower Petals

You're going to take your plain t-shirt and measure 1" then then cut all
the way. Repeat that until you get all the way up to the sleeves. Next you're going to take all the strips of the t-shirt that you cut and stretch them as much as you can. Once you've stretched them, you're going to measure different sized strips. The first size is 5" and the second size is 4". Cut just a few more 5" strips than the 4" strips. Now you're going to take a strip and hot glue the ends together and continue doing this to all the strips.

Step 3: Putting the Pieces Together

Now that you've made all the pieces to the flowers, you can put them together! You're going to take the base of the flower and hot glue the larger petals to it. Once you've hot glued the larger petals, hot glue the shorter petals on top.Then put a cute button of your choice in the center and you've got your flower!

Step 4: Making the Headband

You're going to start off by cutting a strip from a t-shirt that's 14" by 5", then fold the strip in half. Sew in one straight line along sides that aren't connected. Then take the strip of fabric that has been sewed and flip it inside out. Fold the now "tube"of fabric in half and sew along the edge. Then cut the major excess fabric. Flip the headband so the seem is on the inside and now you have your headband!

Step 5: Caps for Cuties:)

Take your t-shirt and draw half an oval big enough to fit your head. Then cut out the oval and sew along the edge leaving the bottom open. Next, flip it inside out and fold the bottom up a few times. Now you have a hat!

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    8 years ago

    Those are so cute!!!


    8 years ago

    simple yet very beautiful..nicely made

    What a great thing to make! I think they're so cute! Thanks for sharing and encouraging awesomeness!