Introduction: Bandsaw Bendy

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My Son is in love with everything Bendy and the Ink machine. He also loves little hiding spots for little nick-nacks. So for your viewing pleasure here we go.

Step 1: Tools and Material

Cricut explore

Black Vinyl

white Vinyl

Scrap wood





3 2x6x18" scrap wood

Step 2: Design

I went out to the World wide Web and found a picture of Bendy and uploaded it to Cricut. OK I lied my wife wont let me touch the Cricut so she helped me design and cut out what I needed for this project. This required 3 cuts 1 on poster board to get the general outline for Bendy to apply to the wood. the other 2 where the the white and black vinyl.

Step 3: Glue the Wood Together

Simply glue the 2x6 pieces together clamp and wait

Step 4: Template

You can trace out the design or do what I did and spray paint the design on the wood since it will be covered by vinyl anyway.

Step 5: Cutout the Design Using the Band Saw.

Be patient and let the band saw do the work.

Step 6: Cut the Inside Out

Man I wish I had better pictures of this process really sorry got working and forgot to take pictures

First step is to cut 1/4 inch off the back of the shape and set to the side

second cut out the drawer

cut 1/4 inch of each side of the drawer and cut out the middle

now glue the pieces back on the front and back of the drawer

make a hole for the drawer handle

secure the 1/4 inch piece back on the out line.

Step 7: Add Vinyl

Simply add the vinyl. Using a razor blade cut out the drawer

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