Bane Mask

Introduction: Bane Mask

Making a bane mask from a paintball mask, plastic tubing, and some zip ties. 

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! Other than the white tubing (~1/2 inch diameter, several feet only cost a couple of dollars) I mostly used things around my garage:
    Paintball mask, goggles removed and top trimmed
    several zip ties
    smaller diameter tubing
    quick setting epoxy putty
    chrome spray paint
    black spray paint
    cloth to soften the inside- I used a scrap from a sweatshirt
    straps - I had a variety saved from various things, cut to necessary lengths and stitched where needed to secure. I tried to take advantage of the velcro that was already attached, and used adhesive velcro strips to make appropriate latches.
    Tools: dremel, tin snips, drill
    Check out the image tags for more info.