Bangle Organizing- 5 Simple Ways

Introduction: Bangle Organizing- 5 Simple Ways

i am crazy for bangles.. my mom also loves bangles..
since we have big collection of bangles, sharing some simple organization ideas.. :)

Step 1: Option 1- Hanger

u can open hanger and organize bangles

Step 2: Option 2- Box

u can use various boxes to store bangles..
i have used small vase box

Step 3: Option 3- Ribbon

u can put the bangles through ribbon
this is my least favorite option, because i hate to open and tie knot again and again

Step 4: Option 4- Bottle

we usually have some old empty wine bottles
we can put the bangles on it
stupid idea but useful

Step 5: Option 5- Jwellary Stand

this is my favorite option
but i don't put glass bangles on  it

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