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My daughter wanted a bangle organizer for all her bangles....
surfing the net i got plenty of ideas...but i thought  of this simple design as i have already made many of these stands!:-)

with a simple improvisation my plastic bottle caddy stand turned in to a bangle organizer!

Step 1: The Stand

For more detail instructions check this -

Soft wood 6" x 12"
1"  dowel or  3/4"x 3/4" wooden stick 8" long
1/8" wooden slats or thin ply wood. ( any width...we had a 3" wide strip in we used it)
12 hooks
1/4" dowels  about 12 of them 9" long

Take a cardboard 6" x 12" fold in 2 and cut so you get a 3" x 12" board.

fold the 3"x12" board in two and mark 4.7" from one end. Draw another line 1/8" below (line B).
From line B draw another line by measuring the width of the ply wood. In this case it was a 3" plywood (you could use slats too)
From the top of the board mark 3/4" from the fold. Mark D.
Draw a line from  The edge of A to D. cut it.
Now you have a template.
Transfer to wood. Draw 2.
Cut a mortise from line B to C.  for this example 1/8" x 3"  and 1/8" deep.

Now use a fret saw and cut .
Use a sanding block and sand the side panels , dowel and plywood.

Take the 3/4"x3/4" stick (or dowel) . Measure about 8". Cut the stick to that length.
Take the 3" wide plywood ( or slat) .. add 1/4" to the cut dowel length  and cut

loosely assemble ..check if all is right. check for square.
glue the plywood to the mortise...if loose fill up with wood dust. glue the dowel and clamp
Nail the dowel .
Once dry...paint with primmer ...add wall filler to cover the nails and gaps...give texture by applying a thick layer and raising it with your hands.
paint as you like.

Step 2: Hooks and Dowels

buy some simple hooks and  measure equal lengths on both sides and screw it on. i used 3 pairs  on one side of the stand so that i can hang big bangles too. so it's best to leave at least 4" in between.
measure the lengths from each hook to the one in the opposite end... add  1/2" more and cut 1/4" dowels
cut small slots on both ends of the dowels so it wont just slip off the hook
the picture will explain better.

now put your bangles through the sticks and display them for your pleasure!

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