Introduction: Bankrobber Turntable

The 1st step was to quickly render out my design in photoshop filling in areas with solid colors using the fill bucket tool and some simple flat colors.

The 2nd step was to interpret my concept of the bank robber in 3D modeling the design in zbrush. I had to keep in mind that the end result of this project was going to be a turntable maquette so i added a base stand to the bank robber 3D model. The bevel gears, lever, and box that encased the gears were all modeled in solidworks. 

The 3rd step was to laser cut out a clear acrylic cylinder with black acrylic rings that i glued to the top of the box that encased the gears. Reasoning for this is so that anyone rotating this model could see the bevel gears in action.

The 4th step was to place all the pieces together, making sure the bevel gears fit in relation to one another and testing how my final maquette turntable rotates. 

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