Introduction: Banksy Box Ver.1

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A lit-up box picture frame.  Simple but awesome.  I'm choosing to use it for stencil based artwork(Graffiti Mostly).  The simple shapes and lack of color suit the project very well.  This is V.1 because I'm already working on versions 2 and 3.  Having given this one away as a gift, I need some more for my house and I am currently underway making more.   If you like this idea and thinks its the coolest thing ever done with 12 LEDs and a printer, please vote for me in the Holiday Gifts contest.   TOP RIGHT CORNER  Or follow this link

Step 1: Parts & Tools


Sheets of Vellum paper
Box or Shadow picture frame
12 LEDs( or more)
Power supply(regulated 5volts or Old Cell Phone Charger)
220-500ohm resistors(You do the math)
6 sticks hot glue


Solder Iron
Glue Gun

Step 2: Print Your Design

Print your chosen design and trim it to fit your box frame.  My box is 8x10.  A convenient size for printing.   I ripped the designs of the internet, changed the size and centered the images in MSWord.  Printed a rough draft on regular paper.  Checked it out. Then load the Vellum paper, Press Print.   
Using a straight edge, cut the paper down to size so that it fits nicely into your picture frame.  

Step 3: LED Layout

Layout a grid of 12 LED's equally spaced apart.  This is where that ruler and basic math comes in handy.  
The drill holes in for the LEDs to fit through.
Place LEDs through holes.  
Secure with Hot Glue
Use more hot glue on top of the LEDs to diffuse the light.  

Step 4: Circuit Making

The basics here are taking a 5volt power supply re-used from an old cell phone charger and wiring up a dozen LEDs.  I used another 5volt regulator, LM805 just to be sure that 5 volts is coming through.  That part is probably totally unnecessary but allows a battery to be used if I so chose..   All the lights are wired in parallel.  I used 500ohm resistors and superbright 5mm LED.  

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Try out revisions and multiple designs.  I decided to give this as a gift to a friend who loves Fight Club.   Not wanting to force him to be committed to buying 9volt batteries the rest of his life, I jacked the power from an old cell phone charger.  Had I originally intended to do this, I wouldn't have built the 5volt circuit regulator as it's kinda unnecessary now.   I printed off a new image and colored it in with Sharpie.  Cut it down to size and viola, a personalized awesome wall light thingy.   Added are some other image ideas.  Any image will work.  I prefer black and white graffiti stencil.  But feel free to try out whatever art you are into.  For  a total cost of under $20 US dollars, you can get crazy printing different skins and changing your awesome wall light to whatever suits your daily mood.  

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