Introduction: Banny's Super Ghetto Razer Deathadder/Naga Scroll Wheel Repair Guide


This is a tutorial for INTERMEDIATE DIY enthusiasts. I do NOT recommend this tutorial for individuals with no experience with power tools. Safety should always be your #1 priority. Always have someone more experienced than you when you are not confident or require adult assistance to complete a step.


Have a Razer Deathadder 2013 or other Razer mouse that has a broken scroll wheel that no longer has resistance when scrolling up or down? Don't toss it away, with a few tools and patience, your mouse will be up and running as good as new.

This guide is for individuals who have discovered that their scroll wheel's contact nub has either obliterated or destroyed or warn beyond restoration. If you want to repair your Razer Deathadder's scroll wheel nub, this is the guide for you!

This guide intends to repair the Razer Deathadder Mouse' scroll wheel by replacing the PLASTIC scroll wheel NUB that is brittle, breaks easily, and deteriorates over time, with a METAL nub substitute.

This is a HARDWARE INPUT solution and not a SOFTWARE solution. Please seek other guides if your mouse wheel still clicks when scrolling and is in workable integrity.

Step 1: Preparation and Disassembly and Tools


1x Calipers

1x Phillips Head Screw driver

1x Allen Key (YMMV)

1x Drill bit (YMMV)

1x Scotch/Cellophane tape

1x Scissors or Exacto Knife/Box Cutter Knife

1x Drill

1x Electric Grinder or other Allen Key Cutting Tools

10 000x Patience

Disassemble your Naga. I will not go over these steps assuming that the user is sufficiently knowledgeable of disassembling it.

Once disassembled, remove the scroll wheel until you have nothing but the circuit board as seen in the picture above. Set this aside and do not lose its components and screws.

Step 2: Measure the Dimensions of Your Mouse

Measure the size of the scroll wheel hole. See pic#1

Place your caliper into the red contact point of your scroll wheel. This should give you a rough idea of what size Allen Key you will need to install in your scroll wheel to make it flush and turn.

Measure the width of your allen key. See pic#2. Depending on the size discrepancy, you will have to shim the allen key with a piece of tape to make it flush.

Measure the width of your drill bit. See pic#3. You will need to drill through your mouse in order to install your allen key to fix your scroll wheel. You will need to make it slightly larger in order for it to fit but not too big that it rolls out on its own.

My mouse's scroll wheel hole measures 1.63mm but my allen key is 1.55mm, so I used a 1.81 (smallest i had) drill bit.

Step 3: Drill the Hole

Use your drill to drill a hole from the MOUSE CLICKER side of the hole (pic#1). It will be the bigger hole OPPOSITE where the contact nub is located.

Caution: Centre the hole as best as possible. It is not crucial if it is on an angle or axel because even if the scroll wheel engages the input at an angle, it will still scroll like normal. It is just a matter of perfection.

HOWEVER: I do notice slight resistance differences when scrolling, but it is negligible.

Step 4: Cut and Test the Allen Key

Mark where you need to cut the allen key. There should not be anything sticking out of the hole when you insert it into the scroll wheel. Make sure that there is enough material to work with when you stick it into the mouse scroll wheel. In picture#3 I have scored the allen key to make the mark where I need to cut it.


Place the allen key ALONE in the mouse scroll hole and test that it turns. Make sure it sits flush properly and you hear the CLICK.

See the video to hear/see what I'm talking about.

Step 5: Insert and Install Allen Key With the Scroll Wheel

Put it in and make sure that the tape (if you needed it) placed into the allen key is still intact when installing the Allen Key.

Install the mouse scroll wheel and test it.

IF DESIRED: Place a drop of super glue into the hole to secure the allen key and ensuring it doesn't come loose later over time.

Please see video above to see/hear what a successful install looks like.

Step 6: Reassemble and Finish

Plug everything back together and close it up!

Plug the mouse into the computer and test it out, everything should be dandy again. If not, repeat steps 2-4 and see if there are any complications installing the mouse scroll wheel, otherwise it could be a sofware issue.

Now you're done! Thank you for reading my super ghetto permanent Razer Mouse scroll wheel fix!

Please leave any questions or comments, feedback negative or positive is needed! D:<