Introduction: Bar Stool Recycled Into Spike the Hedgehog

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I had a broken bar stool and I decided to repurpose its parts into a lovely piece of art instead of throwing it out. This was a fun project and I highly recommend recycling your broken wooden things.

Step 1: Sand and Apply Template

Sand the finish if one is still on the wood you are using. I drew what I wanted to carve and paint onto transparent vellum. I used Super 77 to adhere the template to the wood.

Step 2: Carve!

Bring out your favorite Dremel or other rotary tool and start carving. This can all be done by hand, but time is of the essence. I used a variety of bits including a cut off wheel and different type of carving tips. This adds lots of depth to an otherwise flat painting.

Step 3: Get the Template Off

I didn't have much luck getting my template to come off easily. After a stern talking to and some Goof Off spray, I was able to clean it off.

Step 4: Texture!

If you thought we were done with carving, then you are in for a treat. If you have stress, this step is for you! Take your favorite claw hammer and beat the snot out of the wood background like I did. I used chains and the hammer itself to texturize the wood. It gives it extra depth that really looks nice with a coat of finish.

Step 5: Paint With Your Favorite Colors

Simple as the title says, just paint whatever you want. It doesn't require as much shading since actual depth exists. So naturally it creates shadows and makes the paint look rich with texture. I prefer high quality acrylic paint such as Liquitex paints.

Step 6: Add a Sealant

I used oil to seal the wood and give it that beautiful color. I also spray lacquered the entire project. It really gives the piece that pop and gloss. Don't forget to title your artwork!!

Step 7: Final Results

After everything dries, hang up your art and smile every time you walk by it! Thanks for reading and get out there and make something outstanding.

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