Introduction: Bar Stool Table


24” in diameter piece of wood (3)
44” Metal tube (from base to top) (3)
piece of wood for base (28” inches length and width)  (3)
Block of wood (length: 3 ½ inches and Width: 4 inches) (6)

Drill Bits
Screw Driver
Tape Measure
Sand Paper
Drill Press
Belt/ Disc Grinder
Band Saw

Step 1:

1. Grab a large piece of wood which you will use to cut out the pieces

Step 2:

2. On the wood, measure out a circle 24 inches in diameter. This will be the top.

Step 3:

3. Using a circular saw, cut the excess wood off around the ‘top’

Step 4:

4. Once done cutting the excess wood off, sand the edges with the Disc Grinder to make the edges smooth.

Step 5:

5. Put that piece aside and now grab another piece of wood.

Step 6:

6. Measure 28 inches for the base

Step 7:

7. Mark the length at 28 inches

Step 8:

8. Cut the piece out with the circular saw

Step 9:

9. Now, take a metal tube and cut it so it’s 44 inches long. This will be the attachment from the base to the top.

Step 10:

10. Take two blocks of wood and screw one into the base, and the other on the underside of the top.

Step 11:

11. Now you have all three pieces for the table so sand the base and top till smooth

Step 12:

12. Apply about three coats of varnish. Let the previous coat dry before adding another one.

Step 13:

13. After the coats of varnish are dry, take screws and screw in the 44 inch metal pole into the top and base

Step 14:

14. Repeat steps 1-12 until 3 tables are made