Introduction: Barbecue Made From Pallet Wood

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How to build a portable barbecue from pallet wood.


Made from pallet palings, pallet stringers and chipboard screws.

Step 1:

I am using pallet stringers for the frame of this build.

Step 2:

with some of the pallets I work with, the nails loose the head when trying to remove them.

So I just cut them straight off.

Step 3:

This isn't a problem, because none of the nails reach the middle.

Step 4:

I rip all the stringers down the center, so I have more material to work with.

Step 5:

to make it portable, I am using Wizbin wheels and an axle.

Step 6:

First up for the frame, is to support it directly underneath.

Step 7:

I am attaching from the outside with the holes that are already there.

Step 8:

I am using chipboard screws for this build. because they are affordable.

Step 9:

tying the 2 underneath supports together with a paling.

Step 10:

Set the table saw to 45° and rip a small amount off the entire length of your paling.

Step 11:

This makes it sit nicer, up against the face of the BBQ.

Step 12:

Attaching a length to the outer sides. I left them overhanging at the back. so they are ready for latter on.

Step 13:

Moving onto the sides.

Step 14:

I am attaching the handles via pocket holes.

Step 15:

With an 80 grit flappy disk on the angle grinder. I am rounding off the sides of the handles.

Step 16:

Attach them about shoulder width apart. Then add a spacer piece.

Step 17:

Pre-drill and attach a paling top.

Step 18:

Give the handles an oil to prevent them from splintering in your hands while wheeling it around.

Step 19:

Flip the BBQ upside down, remove some of the burners. And attach the Stationary legs.

Step 20:

Push the Wizbin axle into one of the wheels.

Step 21:

Grab a spade bit that is a little larger than the axle.

Step 22:

Work out how low you want the wheels to be on the legs.

Step 23:

Drill until you start to see the center point come through the other side.

Step 24:

Then flip it over and finish the hole.

Step 25:

Slide both legs over the axle before locking the other wheel into position.

Step 26:

Add a spacer at the top and bottom, between the 2 legs.

Step 27:

Then attach it to the BBQ frame.

Step 28:

Build another bench on the opposite end. in the sane manner as the other side. But this time without the handles.

Step 29:

Using palings to box in the side. giving the wheels a bit of clearance.

Step 30:

Adding additional uprights to give us more to attach to latter on.

Step 31:

Box in the stationary side.

Step 32:

Attaching a horizontal length between the fixed wall and the wall with the wheels.

This is when the build really starts to become solid.

Step 33:

Do the same thing for the front edge.

But since this face will be covered in, I am framing up a bit of a feeder for the wheel.

Step 34:

I am putting in the shelf while I still have plenty of access.

Step 35:

I use the jigsaw to cut away the areas for the legs.

Step 36:

Moving onto the gas bottle housing.

Step 37:

Simple square frame.

Step 38:

covered it in palings and marked out a circle.

Step 39:

cut it out with a jig saw, and frame the perimeter with some ripped lengths of palings.

Step 40:

Screw it to the wall.

Step 41:

Then start to attach the 45 degree angle side.

Step 42:

For the other side, I pre-drill some holes through the wall . . .

Step 43:

and attach them from the inside.

Step 44:

Finish covering in the front face.

Step 45:

Now I am working on the splash back and utensil holder.

Step 46:

A simple up right on either side.

Step 47:

Start with the top paling first to keep the correct spacing between the 2 up rights.

Step 48:

I am putting an edge around the entire BBQ.

Step 49:

I still wasn't liking the front. So I added one more length across the top edge.

Step 50:

Added a couple of hooks for the utensils.

Step 51:

And it is done. It is not the prettiest barbecue stand I have ever seen. But it would have to be the cheapest.

Step 52:

Made entirely from pallet wood and only used half a box chip board screws.

If you like building with pallet wood, or other cheaper materials.

Or if you just want to find out a little bit more, Then you might want to check out some of my other Youtube videos.

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