Introduction: Barbecue Stand

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That was a rustic barbecue stand I bought six years ago from one of those roadside blacksmiths in New Delhi. It was really really rustic but one cannot expect more for a thousand rupees. Over the years corrossion had set in and the lower plate where the coal rests as it burns had begun to develop holes.

I was debating on getting a similar rustic looking one to sort of go with the terrace in my old house where I host these parties occasionally. However by then I had moved out of Delhi into a city where such blacksmiths were hard to come by.

However, in my old house with my wife deciding to fell a few trees I was left with a few solid wooden trunks which I knew could come in handy and with some earthen tiles lying around in one corner, I came up with a simple idea to use the stuff I had to make a crude little barbecue.

Step 1: The Components

The components that went into making this crude barbecue is really simple:-

(a) Some baked earthen roof tiles with excellent heat withstanding capacity

(b) Wooden trunks from the tree that were fell to serve as legs for the stand

(c) Left of metal sheet from previous roof work to make the inner tray to burn coal in

(d) Grating from any hardware shop to serve as the surface to barbecue on

(e) Nuts, bolts and washers as fasteners

(f) Rivetting gun and rivets to rivet the sides of the inner sheet metal tray

Step 2: Making the Barbecue

There is not much to explain in this section as the pictures make it amply clear

Step 3: Testing It Out

Very confidently I called my family and friends over for a barbecue party hoping it all goes well.

I have to say it did....