Introduction: Barbed Wire

Hi I am making this instructable because while browsing I realized that there's barely any instructable on home defense during an apocalypse.

I apologize for my extremely short length I only had one hanger.


Wire (preferably thick and strong, a wire coat hanger is good but on the bit difficult side to work with)

That's it

You will need pliers and wire cutters to work the wire

First get 2-3 strands of your wire side by side
(have some extra in hand)

Step 1: Making Spikes

Take an extra pice of wire and cut it to about 2 inch sized pieces ( cut diagonally to sharpen and save time)

Then loop the pieces you cut around a strand of wire (make sure it's nice and tight)

Step 2: Securing the Wire

This part can get difficult

It is required that your wire is secured at one end (trust me here)

There are many ways to keep the end of your wire stable

I made a loop at the ends connected the loops then clamped it down

Step 3: Twisting Some Pain

Now slide your spikes down the wire and start twisting all your strands around each other to ensure maximum durability and no length problems at the end.

Step 4: When You Wire Retires

If you reach the end of your wire but you realize you need more take more strands of wire and loop every strand in a loop around the first strand, then take the end of your first length and wrap it entirely around the second wire

(I realize this may sound confusing comment if you need help)

Step 5: Make It Deadly

Now to maximize your new wires lethality I have three ideas

1) take pliers and scratch the hell out of the spikes to make then rusty after a while outside ( they could get sick this way)

2) take small wire/fish hooks/ kitchen knives/ anything that would hurt and incorporate it into the wire

3) plant poisonous plants/ thorny bushes/ ivy or vines to camouflage wire next to and around area


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