Barbell Bumper

Introduction: Barbell Bumper

Greetings! When performing seated calf raises I was looking for something to absorb the pressure of the heavy weights. I started out using a towel but that was only working marginally. I had pool noodles not being used so I decided to give one of them a try. The pool noodle worked better than I anticipated and it allows heavier weights to be used without crushing my legs. It's simple and useful, so let's make it.

Step 1: Equipment Needed


Pool Noodle (this one was a mini sized)


Step 2: Cut and Wrap

Use the scissors and cut the pool noodle length wise. Wrap it around the barbell. The diameter of the pool noodle and the barbell are similar, so after it's wrapped it is snug enough that it doesn't fall off.

Step 3: Using the Barbell Bumper

Before using the barbell for seated calf raises, make sure the cut side is up. I've learned that through the motion of the exercise, if the cut side is down, it will loosen and not absorb as well. I use this barbell bumper all of the time and it helps me lift heavy without compromising form. Happy training!

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