Introduction: Barduino

Barduino is a drink mixing machine that is run on an arduino, app controlled and 3D printed. It starts off by having a tube inserted into the bottles of liquid that you will be mixing with. These tubes run to there own individual peristaltic pumps that the arduino is responsible for controlling. The other end of the tubes leads to a common collector which will then be poured into the cup. The liquid will then be mixed by a magnetic stirrer leaving you with an excellently blended drink.

In this instructable you will will learn everything from the circuit design, code, app design, construction, and calibrating to make a machine to make all your drink needs. This is still a work in progress and I will be making changes as i go but I hope to provide apply information and resources to fully understand everything that is going on.

Step 1: Parts Lists

8x Rectifier Diode

8x DC Motor (peristaltic pump)

1x Arduino Uno

1x Bluetooth HC-06

8x NPN-Transistor (TIP122)

1x Battery 9V

1x 9V Connector

1x Breadboard

16x Tubes

1x 3D filament

various wires

8x Alcoholic Bottles


3D Printer

Soldering Iron



Step 2: The Circuit

Step 3: The Code

The first part of the code sets up all the variables with the m number being the motor pins.

int m12 = 2;

Then setting up a string for the incoming message and giving the motors a drink name. That way when editting drink recipe you don't need to know which drinks are connected to which motor.

String message;
char gin = m1; 

The Setup is when where we setup the motor pins as being outputs, start up the serial, and light up the boards led (to know that everything loaded correctly).

pinMode(m1, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(13, HIGH);   
digitalWrite(13, LOW);

The loop then reads if there is a new incoming message and saves it to the variable message

while(Serial.available()) {   
message += char(;}

After which it will go through all the drinks that it knows and if any of them match it will activate that drinks function.

if (message == "Amaretto Sour"){        

Finally all the drink recipes are defined with which mumps are turned on and for how long. Anything that is commented out is things that need to be added to the drink as well.

void amarettosour(){  
 //digitalWrite(amaretto, HIGH);  //1.5oz  
 //digitalWrite(whiskey, HIGH);   //0.5oz   
digitalWrite(lemon, HIGH);   //1oz   
//digitalWrite(whiskey, LOW);   
digitalWrite(lemon, LOW);   
 //  digitalWrite(amaretto, LOW);   
//1tsp simple syrup   
//.5oz egg white}

Step 4: Application

Included is the apk file which you can just upload to your android device. Then open try to open the file and it will ask if you want to download this device, just click yes and follow all the on screen prompts to finish. Once installed it will be an app that you can find in your app drawer, like all your other apps and is called Barduino.

It works by either clicking on the drop down menu and selecting the drink you want and then clicking mix. This will then lead you to another page that will tell you all the details of the drink including what glass to use, ice, garnish, and any missing objects. The other option is to make your own drink. This then takes you to a page that allows you to pick the drink and amount that you want of each.

Included as well is the aia file which can be opened and edited using a free online program called MIT app inventor 2 online. Here are also screen shots of all the block diagrams(which is how you program in ai2) and the design layouts.

Step 5: The Printables

This is a link to the thingiverse files for all the printables.


The joints of the individual parts are connected by taking a soldering iron to each part and melting them together.

Step 6: Construction

Step 7: Testing and Calibrating