Introduction: Barefoot Sandals!!! My First Working Pair

Hi Everyone at instructables, 

This is my first attempt at making barefoot sandals.

Materials Used : 

1. Normal flip flop available at any shoe store.
2. Elastic cord in nylon. The cords are in two variants, one is a normal elastic cord for the yellow model and the other is a 1/2 inch    width elastic cord.

Process : 

The normal flip flop is basically made of two layers, the base layer with a tough sole with markings on the sole for grip. The second upper layer of rubber for user comfort while wearing.

Step 1 : I've cut the upper and lower layer into two different parts using a normal cutter blade, completed in a time of 45 mins.
Step 2 : You can opt to neatly shave off the oddly cut rubber from both the upper and lower halves of the flip flop but in case you wish to keep it the same way that is also fine.
Step 3 : Punch holes for the toe hold and the side hold positions with a punch.
Step 4 : Use the elastic cords to apply any design or variety of lacing that you would like to fashion your own sandals with and.
Step 5 : Voila !!! You have two pairs of barefoot sandals from one pair of flip flop.

Have fun creating different designs and lace patterns.