Barfi Kulfi | Homemade Kulfi Recipe

Introduction: Barfi Kulfi | Homemade Kulfi Recipe

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Kulfi is undoubtedly India's most desired sweet dessert which is creamy & delicious ice cream. Best to have in summers so beat the heat with this Barfi flavoured kulfi.

Below is the detailed recipe as well:

Ingredients: Milk- 1 litre Khoya Barfi – 250 gms Sugar – 150 gms Kesar – few Nuts – as desired

Step 1: Method

Simmer milk in heavy bottomed kadai. Keep on stirring the milk and cook till it thickens and quantity is reduced to half.Once quantity is reduced, add mashed khoya barfi . Cook for 5 min.Mix kesar in hot milk and add into mixture.Add sugar as per taste and cook for 5-10 min.Allow the mixture to cool down completely. Blend it using blender and churn to form a thick icecream.Keep the mixture in freezer till semi solid. Churn the mixture again. Repeat this procedure 2-3 times to avoid forming ice in the kulfi.Set the kulfi mixture in kulfi mould. Add few rose petals in the moulds.Keep it in freezer for 7-8 hours till Kulfi is completely set. For serving, de-mould the kulfi and garnish with sliced or chopped nuts.

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