Introduction: Barfi

Barfi is a device that provides immediate relief to people who stammer. It basically provides a stimulation on either automatic trigger or manual override.

Step 1: How It Works?

The device has a vibrator which get triggered when a trigger pulse is sent. The timestamp of the trigger and the heart rate is sent to the mobile app, from where its sent to the cloud. Which can be further accessed through a webapp.

Step 2: Hardware

The hardware consists of:

  • Arduino Uno
  • Bluetooth module (HC-05)
  • A vibrating motor (or any unbalanced motor)
  • A push button
  • and wires

Step 3: Software

The softwares include:

  • The mobile app: connects to the database, shows a blog, etc.
  • The webapp: give access to the user to review his/her progress or improvement.

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