Introduction: Barista Express Step-less Grinder Mod

Hello there! Having trouble with finding the right grind-size on your Barista Express?

In this instruction I will show you how to make the Barista Express grinder step-less. This makes it easier to dial in the machine and make small grind-size adjustments.


This instruction involves taking apart the Barista Express. By following these instructions you agree to that fact that I have no responsibility for you and your machine. Never open appliances while they're connected to mains power. This instruction may void the warranty of your machine. (Although, it really shouldn't).


- Vacuum cleaner

- Pointy object such as a small knife

- Philips-head screwdriver

- Tape that is reasonably sticky

Step 1: Remove the Bean Hopper and Set the Grinder to the Coarsest Setting.

Step 2: Vacuum Out Remaining Beans.

Step 3: Take Out the Grinder Burr.

The burr can be removed by rotating it counterclockwise.

Step 4: Unplug Your Machine and Remove the Water Tank.

Always unplug appliances before opening them up!

Step 5: Remove the 3 Screws Marked Green.

Step 6: Remove 2 Screws From Underneath the Front.

One is right next to the tamper, the other next to the water spout.

Step 7: Lift of the Top Vertically.

The top will is connected to a wire. No need to unplug this, the top can be put over the front of the machine.

Step 8: Unscrew the Grind Adjustment Wheel. Remember the Position for Later.

Make sure that the machine is on the coarsest setting.

Step 9: Lift Out the Grind Adjustment Wheel.

Step 10: Locate the Small White Peg.

Step 11: Use a Small Piece of Tape to Lift the Peg Out Vertically.

Make sure not to drop the peg!

Step 12: Remove the Spring Underneath the Peg With a Pointy Object.

Make sure not to drop the spring!

Step 13: Store the Peg and Spring.

It's good practice to keep the peg and spring. If you change your mind about the modification, you can always put these back.

Step 14: Confirm That the Grinder Is Still on the Coarsest Setting.

The large gear shouldn't rotate clockwise.

Step 15: Put the Grind Adjustment Wheel Back In.

Remember to use the correct position, or the markings will be of. You can use this image as a reference.

Step 16: Put the Screw for the Adjustment Wheel Back In.

Step 17: Put the Top Cover Back on Vertically.

Step 18: Screw in the Front Two Screws.

Step 19: Screw in the Rear 3 Screws Marked Green.

Step 20: Lock the Burr Back in Place.

The burr can be locked in place by rotating clockwise.

Step 21: Lock in the Hopper.. And, Done!

Your Barista Express espresso machine is now step-less. Keep in mind that the grind-setting can move while grinding. You will have to hold it in the correct position, but small grind adjustments will be way easier to do.