Introduction: Barkhor Circuit(1)

When you walk in Barkhor Circuit with the pilgrimages and the sellers carrying religious photos, felt cowboy hats and electric blenders (for yak-butter tea!), you would notice some small buildings in your right, set off from the main road. They are the Mani Lhakhang, a small chaple with a huge prayer wheel which is always moving. The grandiose entrance of the former city jail and dungeons, also called the Nangtse Shar situates just to the right of the chapel.

Step 1: Barkhor Circuit(1)

Going to the direction of the south for like ten meters, on the tight there is the entrance of the Jampa Lhakhang(also Jokhang or water Blessing temple). On either side of it there are rows of protector gods and the meditation cave of the chapel’s founder. Pilgrims would go to the upper floor to be blessed by a sprinkling of holy water and the touch of a holy thunderbolt.

Step 2: Barkhor Circuit(1)

Then you follow the prayer wheel and go down the alley. After passing through a doorway, you find yourself in the old Meru Nyingba Monastery. Though small, the Monastery is still active for it is crowded by Tibetan prayers who are constantly thumbing, swinging the prayer wheels and chanting under their breath. Accounting for the images of Nechung oracle inside, the chapel is administered by Nechung Monaste. Like Jokhang next to it, the chapel has a history stemming back to the seventh century, but most parts of the chapel has been rebuilt today.