Barnwood Wall Sconce

Introduction: Barnwood Wall Sconce

About: Follow Your Passions,,, They Know The Way Rustic Artist, Cheryl Reed Costa, has found her serenity through creating natural art, jewelry, accessories and furnishings for over 35 years, using trial and error…

This barn wood wall sconce was created with 1800s lumber accentuating the natural worm holes and live edge.

Highlights of the wood were left in as close to original color as was possible with its amazing blend of burnt umber, beige and gray.

The naturally rusted vintage bed spring, which hangs from the original barn cut nail, was rescued from an old hunting camp deep in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania.

A primitive electric line glass insulator holds the battery operated cinnamon grunged candle.

Sporting a useful small shelf and an antique metal hook, this one of a kind wall sconce will blend beautifully with any rustic, primitive, cabin or farmhouse decor.

Dimensions are 35"H x 7"W x 5"D.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Beautiful work... and you did a fabulous job of recycling... everything!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Good idea, i like it. Where you get this wood?


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks hiki4,
    The wood is from a barn we took down. I left the raw/live edge on and cut the other side to match.

    It uses 2 AA. It is a white plastic dollar store candle that comes with the bulb. I cinnamon grunged it.