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Introduction: Barrel Pizza Oven for $20

About: Just another man doing some DIY! :-D

Welcome to my project! Please vote if you like it in the end! :)

Step 1: First Cuts

Well... I always wanted to have a pizza oven but doing that the right way at my place would get expensive and time consuming. So why not attempting to spend US$20 with an alternative using a barrel? Fair enough!

Items I used:

- Barrel
- metal cutter
- drill
- rivet and riveting machine
- simple hinge

- screw with flings and nuts and a piece of wood for the handle

- For the base, I used my regular grill grid that I use for barbecues (see the picture)
***After all built, I used some wire to put them together and avoid slipping

Firstly I bought this 10 bucks barrel, 200 liters capacity, made of iron, you may know it, right?

I intended to use it commuted to my barbecue pit, which was already built when I bought my house, so I measured the opening, height and the depth. Enough to the first cuts.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that you can do this and use anywhere else, in a hole in the ground, over some bricks, etc... use your imagination!

Cuts made, move on!

Step 2: Cut the Door

Measure the opening size you wish to have.

I used a pizza tray as reference and used as much space as possible to avoid contact while putting or removing stuff of the oven.


Before cutting the metal, make sure to use the hinges to mark and drill the holes for the rivets. The cut must be made in the very between of coming door and oven's top!

Cut the metal...

...time to make door work... next step!

Step 3: The Door


Door cut, make sure to remove the sharp edges all the time.

Easy... with the holes already drilled, just go ahead with the rivets!


...almost there!

Step 4: Handle

Oh man...

This is E A S Y!

I used a scrap wood, drilled a hole in the middle and used the screw, flings and nuts to put all in place!

Needles to give details... just look at the pics!

Finishing touch is to come...

Step 5: Add Thermometer?

Why not?

I bought this thermometer at any website for like 2 dollars...

For pizza, keep in mind to have temperature between 240°C ~~ 280°C...

I must tell that I could make the thermometer get stable in 200°C, which was more than enough... you'll see the results!

Drill a hole and screw that down!

Step 6: Va Benne! Mama Mia!!!


Set that oven on fire!!!

I used some charcoal and eucalyptus wood (used in our pizzzerias in Brazil) in the bottom of the pit, using 50% of it's left side for indirect heat.

Besides that, I kept burning 2 or 3 small pieces of 30cm sized and around 4 to 6cm diameter, all the time while we were making that pizzas... that is a must do, to keep the fire going and the heat to make the dough crust and the top burned to heaven! :-)

Prepare you dough... assemble the pizza... drop to the pit... around 8 ~10 min that should ready to eat!


Hope you enjoy!!! Vote if you like!


...another quick SUPER EASY DIY!

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    4 Discussions


    Question 1 year ago on Step 4

    Do you have an air vent low down? I have just built one using a whole drum, with the entrance as per your design. It cooks great pizza with charcoal but the wood goes out as soon as I close the drum up. And I just get loads and loads of smoke. I think I need a vent.


    3 years ago

    Hey, nice project! Why didn't you mount the thermometer in the hole where the cap was? Would've looked a lot nicer :)


    Reply 3 years ago

    Hi Tiggelen.
    Thanks for checking this out.
    That hole has a purpose... As I burn wood also in the top of the grill, that will allow oxygen to pass thru and increase the temperature for the pizza crust. If I put the cap, the fire goes low and the crust around does not happen or may take much more time for the desired outcome. With that I make a pizza in 7 to 10 minutes...