Introduction: Barrel Puzzle 3D Print

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This is my take on the classic wooden barrel interlocking puzzle. I've included drawings if anyone would like to make it from wood. For those inclined to take the easier route, STP and STL files are included in the final step. For those not interested in either of those, similar versions can be purchased online.

Animated Version Solution

Wood Version Solution

Step 1: Drawings

I roughed out the size to 2" tall with a max diameter of 1.75". The grooves in the upper and lower ends are just for decoration.

Step 2: Parts

The dimensions are not fully inclusive. Let me know if you need more details and I can pull them from the model. For the build, you will need:

  • 1 Red
  • 1 Green
  • 2 Purple
  • 2 Yellow
  • 1 Cyan
  • 1 Brown

Step 3: Assy - Step 1

The videos are the clearest way to see the solution. Hopefully, these pictures work as well.

Start with the green piece. Position as shown.

Step 4: Assy - Step 2

Place the red piece next to the green piece as shown.

Step 5: Assy - Step 3

Add one of the purple pieces to the side. Spread the red and green pieces out to make contact.

Step 6: Assy - Step 4

Add the other purple piece.

Step 7: Assy - Step 5

Slide one of the yellow pieces on as shown.

Step 8: Assy - Step 6

Slide second yellow piece.

Step 9: Assy - Step 7

The cyan piece slides in the from the top. Once inserted, shift towards the center.

Step 10: Assy - Step 8

The brown piece is the lock for the puzzle. Slide it in so it is flush with the top and bottom surface.

Step 11: Solution Summary

Here are all the solution steps in one graphic.

Step 12: STP and STL Files

I used a 0.005" gap between all mating parts which might be pretty tight. If needed, modify the STP file to increase the space.

Step 13: Thanks for Viewing!