Introduction: Bartender's Buddy: an @ Home Creative Switch

Have you ever thought to yourself while entertaining guests at home..."Gee - I wish I had a unique way to show my guest when their beverage has reached its optimal party cup drinking level..." ?

Now you can make this wish come true, with the "Bartender's Buddy" ! A DIY creative switch, powered by electricity, but most importantly, enjoyed by your friends.

With the use of a simple circuit, a breadboard, two LEDS, and a little can follow these instructions to make this for yourself.

* One 6v Battery
* One Breadboard
* One WHT. Alligator Clip
* One RED Alligator Clip
* One BLK. Alligator Clip
* One GRN. Alligator Clip
* Two LED's (1 red, 1 green)
* Two WHT. Jumpers
* One GRN. Jumper
* One BLK. Jumper
* One Miniature Roller Pressure Switch
* Two Toothpicks
* One Exacto-Knife
* Two Plastic Solo Cups (colors are user's choice)
* One Separate Cup for Beverage (user's choice)

Step 1: Initial Set-Up

Using the breadboard, run the various alligator clips as seen in the photos.

RED = V+ (Voltage Plus)
GREEN = N.C (Powers Green LED)
BLACK = N.O (Powers Red LED)

Once you have your LED's in the proper placement, begin running first:

WHT. Jumpers (2) to WHT. Clip
BLK. Switch Clip to BLK. Jumper
GRN. Switch Clip to GRN. Jumper

Follow this by setting up, but not connecting:

BLK. Battery V- to WHT. Clip
RED Battery V+ to RED Clip

Step 2: Inside the Cup

Following the images provided as a guide, poke parallel holes with the Exacto-Knife, into the cup, as well as an escape window for the alligator clips.

Carefully guide the clips in as seen, and slide the toothpicks through the exposed slots of the...
Miniature Roller Pressure Switch, then back through the parallel holes in the cup. Make sure that it is secure! The tips of your toothpicks should be slightly exposed on the outside of the cup.

The third image shows a far shot of what the clips look like coming out of the escape window.

Step 3: Power & Begin

First, after making sure your wiring is all correct, attach the...

RED clip to the positive RED battery wire (then)
WHT. clip to the negative BLK. battery wire

Flip your battery's ON/OFF switch to ON - completing the circuit...your GRN. LED should light.

Next, gently place your untouched Solo Cup inside the doctored Solo Cup so that the bottom is resting on the Miniature Roller Pressure Switch.

Lastly, begin to pour steadily, your beverage of choice, into the vessel of the inserted cup.

Step 4: Steadily Continue to Pour

Continue pouring as your GRN. LED indicator is still lit, because the optimal drinking level has not yet been reached.


As you will see, the circuit will change after a CLICK is heard from the pressure switch.

Pull up on your steady pour, as the RED LED light is triggered due to the pressure switch activating due to the weight of liquid.

* RED means STOP * Do not continue to pour.

You have completed your optimal drinking level indicator.

Step 6: Complete!

You may now power off your battery so that you may rejoin the party with the perfect level of liquid in your cup.


(Uploaded By: J. Potaczek - UIC 2019)