Bartop Arcade: Two Player, Pandora's Box




Introduction: Bartop Arcade: Two Player, Pandora's Box

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Check out video of the build.

You'll need:

  • plywood
  • 19" monitor
  • Ipod dock radio with auxiliary input
  • two player joystick button kit with 16 buttons
  • pandora's box 3 jamma arcade module
  • jamma cable harness
  • atx power supply
  • 12V LED strip
  • wire
  • arcade T-molding
  • acrylic plastic for marquee
  • paint

Tools I used:

  • jig saw
  • wood router
  • drill press
  • cordless drill
  • soldering iron

Step 1: Refer to 3d Sketchup Model for Dimensions, Cut Out Panels, Install Monitor Mounting Blocks, and Secure Monitor

Step 2: Install Audio Electronics and Speakers

Step 3: Do a Dry Fit of All the Panels to Ensure Fit, Install AC Power Plug

Step 4: Paint Panels, Install Trim, Install ATX Power Supply, Connect Joystick Buttons Via Jamma Harness to Pandora Box, Connect Marquee Lighting to Power Supply

Step 5: Design and Install Marquee Panel and Fire It Up

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    Question 5 years ago on Introduction

    Where can I find the3d Sketchup Model?