Introduction: Baseball-accented Paracord Bracelet

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Baseball training season is coming up soon. For those who can't get enough of that little leather ball and all of its paraphernalia and associated loveliness, here is a nice gift that you can make for friends and family.

Materials needed:

~ 9-10' of paracord per bracelet.

1 baseball supplies enough for 7 bracelets.

side-release buckles, 1" wide outer width equals about 5/8" inside width

some heavy-duty thread and needle

xacto knife with cutting mat underneath, or good substitute

Step 1: Sizing and Figuring

Determine approximate length of what you think you'll need.

My wrist is about 7.5", use your own measurement as a basis for yourself and your friends.

Feed paracord through as shown. Feed through again, inside of those.

(I took detailed pictures to make it easy if you haven't done this before, check them out.)

Pull through so that all is nice and tidy.

Using a lighter to seal and harden the edges can help, or hinder. I found that having an awl was indispensable for pushing the cord through when it was being stubborn.

The other part of the buckle has a reverse feed for the paracord. Feed through, creating your size, then feed end though again, on the outside.

Step 2: Attach to Post and Start Weaving


(I'm sorry this doesn't spell anything)

Anyway.. Under, Over, and Through.

Repeat for other side,

Pull as tight as it will allow, it is rigid but flexible so will figure itself out. Really. : )

Step 3: Finish Ends

I thought that a gentle but substantial whipstitch would be nicer than finishing off with a fraycheck or lighter edge, which might abrasion or scratch the inner wrist.

The pictures showcase a thorough way of securing a strong bond.

My finished bracelet was pretty close to the intended size.

Step 4: The Baseball Accent

Use a good xacto blade and cut a clean edge around the stitches.

Peel away, and all of its extremities.

: )

You'll end up with a nice, curvy band of baseball stitchery trim.

Step 5: Accent!

Segment your trim into about 7 equal pieces.

Best so that the stitch holes at the edges have enough distance away from the cut edge to have integrity.

I stitched 3 times on each side, crossed over, stitched 3 more times, crossed back again, then knotted up.

Step 6: The Finished Product

As the weather is cold, it certainly looks nice over a sweater, though most guys will wear them over their wrist. I made a bunch and will sell them at The Tuckaway here in town.

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