Introduction: Baseball Keyring

America is so cool, so are the sports.

I was at a baseball game recently and managed to catch one of the balls, after seeing the modular strips of leather a light bulb turned on – I could make a key ring! So I decided to pull it apart and make a key ring! I had a trial and error and found this design works best.

Step 1: First

First you have to pull apart the baseball by un-stitching the
two leather flaps it is made from, this will be hard as you will either have to find or create an end so you can pull the string out of it.

If you have a newer baseball you should feel around the stitching where it is narrowest and you should feel a knot, if you don’t you should cut it at any one of the narrow points and unpick from there.

You will need a small screwdriver or a toothpick size piece of metal and push under the stitch and pull up so you “unpick” the stitch, when you get a longer string you can start using just your fingers. Be sure to only cut the string if you need an end as you need all the string you have.

Step 2: Second

Fold 1 flap in half (it should fold easily) and then Re-stitch using the string you salvaged using the same style of stitch as the baseball was put together with.

When you are ready to re-stitch you should tie a square knot to join two “same length” strings together and thread one end through a hole in one side (at the base of the key ring) and one end through the other and pull tight, the square knot should end up between the two halves.

Step 3: Third

Stop the stitching 4 holes before the end.

Insert the key ring (at this stage you will have to put it on like you would put a key on).

Stitch the remaining 4 holes on each side using the same method. Pull the right end down the right edge, through the stitches on the side and then using a long needle push the string through the other side being careful not to pierce the leather, pull the string tight and it should sit under the bottom of the key ring.

Tie off using a square knot, be sure to pull it tight; push the finished knot through the side to hide it and you are finished!

Thanks for viewing and keep watching my channel as I hope to soon have a bottle opener posted.

Sorry for the “lack” of photos, I was in a bit of a rush to complete it.

Step 4: Zing!

If I had a Zing I would be engraving these out of metal and using them as dog and cat collar tags.

I have never seen or used one of these great pieces of equipment before and I would love to learn about them.

(PS, I badly want an Instructables T-shirt!)

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