Introduction: Basic Batch

In this Instructable I will show you the basics of CMD and batch files, below is a picture of my cmd window.

This is my first instructable!!!

Step 1: Starting CMD

To Start CMD go Start>Run and Type CMD, or Start>All Programs>Accesories>CMD/Command Prompt but if you still can't find it download the file below, then start it.

To Download a File Right Click and Select Save Target and save it as Whatever.bat


Step 2: Batch

Batch is a CMD but written in notepad
this means that instead of going to CMD you can also go to notepad
start>All Programs>Accersories>Notepad or download my file below.
after notepad is open you can write all the commands into notepad and save it as Whatever.bat remember change the drop down menu text documents to all files like shown below.

Step 3: Basic Commands

 Here I will tell you some of the basic  CMD commands,

echo - This is a way you can insert text into the cmd window.
pause - This pauses CMD (This should be used after echo to keep the text on the screen).
exit - This exits the CMD window.
start - You Can start programs with this (You can put just the name in here if its in the windows folder otherwise you need a directory).
del - Deletes files (You May Need a Directory for this).
copy - Copies files (You Need 2 Directory's for this the starting 1 and the directory you want the file to end up ).
Move - Moves Files  (You Need 2 Directory's for this the starting 1 and the directory you want the file to end up ).
%random% - Random Numbers (To See Numbers put %random% after echo)

Step 4: Shutdown Command

This will Show you how to use shutdown command or you can download my shutdown batch file.
shutdown - Gives the computer the command to either logoff, shutdown,
restart or abort a shutdown 
shutdown -s


shutdown -r 


shutdown -l


timers can also be added
shutdown -s -t 60

shutdown in 60 seconds

shutdown -r  -t 360

restarts in 6 minutes 
The timer dosen't work for logoff.

To add a comment put -c "Comment Here" on the end

Shutdown -s -t 506 -c "By By"

Step 5: A Quick Program

I have put together a batch file that contains some of the stuff mention in this Instructable
Please Download it.

The Password is cow

However there is a bigger version of the file on another instructable I wrote.
The Instructable is called The Interface.

Step 6: .Bat to .Exe Coverter

.Bat to .Exe Coverters are good way to keep people from editing the file, finding out the password you put in the file and also to add icons, extra files etc.
I use the one below bat to exe converter (Original Name) its very good as you can see below