Basic Card Force

Introduction: Basic Card Force

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This is probably the easiest force that there is in card magic. Read on for the instructions.

Step 1: Setup

First, you need to make sure you have the card you want to force on top of the deck. For this example, we are going to force the Ace of Spades.

Step 2: Beginning the Trick

Tell the spectator to cut some cards off the top of the deck and put them back onto the deck face-up. Doing so will put the forced card at the bottom of the face-up cards.

Step 3: The Next Part

Now that the spectator has put the forced card at the bottom of the face-up cards, tell them to cut deeper into the deck and do the same thing. Flip the cards over and place them back onto the deck. When they do this, they will be putting the forced card in position as the first card turned face-down.

Step 4: The Effect

Now, tell the spectator that the first card turned face-down is their card. This is the card that you have forced. You can incorporate this force into your card tricks for a great effect and a quick way to make them choose that special card. If you are still reading this, thanks! Check my account for more tutorials. I will be posting how-to's for Arduino, circuitry, and card magic. Bye for now!

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    Oh boy... I accidentally entered this in the Arduino contest. I wonder if it will win. :P

    Thanks! This was my first instruct able! I uploaded it from my iPod, so I couldn't get the little yellow boxes (annotations?) in. If somebody could please tell me how, that would be great! :)


    9 years ago

    Trying to spread cards on a wrinkled bed sheet really doesn't work out ;)