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Introduction: Basic Cobra Paracord Survival Lanyard

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Throughout this tutorial I will show you how to make a basic, one color, cobra paracord lanyard. The numbers throughout the how-to will correspond to the numbers in the diagrams.

What You'll Need:

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Step 1: Find the Center of the 6 Ft. of Cord.

1: Fold your cord in half.
2: Thread the folded cord through the Lanyard clip. Pull about half way through the clip.

Step 2: Positioning Your Cord for Braiding.

1: Top view of what your layout should look like.
2: Closeup view of how you will be working with/braiding your lanyard.

Step 3: Your First Cobra Braid.

1: From your working position achieved in step 2, take the left loose cord and thread it under the "body cords" and over the right loose cord.
2: Take the right loose cord and thread it over the "body cords" and up through the loop created in image 1 of this diagram.
3: Pull tight and finalize your first cobra braid. Make sure it's tight and straight.

Step 4: Completing Your Second Cobra Braid.

-You will alternate every other braid. For instance...On your first braid you started with the left loose end, and put it under the body cords from left to right. Your next braid will start with the right loose cord, and go under the body cords from right to left. Essentially you will repeat Step 3 and Step 4 until you achieve your desired length.

1: Take the right loose end and thread it under the "body cords" and over the left loose cord.
2: Now take the left loose cord and thread it over the "body cords" and up through the loop created in image 1 of this diagram.

Step 5: Tightening Your Braids.

-This step is meant to neaten up/tighten your braids. Take the "body cords" with one hand, and your braids with your other hand, and pull up on the braids. Your braids should tighten up, allowing you to add more braids without jeopardizing the spave where your head slips through to put the lanyard around your neck.

Step 6: Cutting and Finalizing.

-You can make as many braids as you'd like, or you can go until you run out of cord.

1: I braided this lanyard right up until it ran out of cord.
2: Cut the loose ends off right up against the braids.
3: It should look like this when you cut one of the ends off.

Step 7: Melting the Ends.

-Take your lighter and hold the flame to the frilled end of paracord until it's molting hot. BE CAREFUL! If you need to lick your thumb/finger please do so. Once molting hot, using your thumb/finger mold the cord so it overlaps and cannot be pulled through the braid.

-See video and image below for a better look at the procedure.

Step 8: And You're Done!

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