Introduction: Basic Cube Structure (parrot Platform)

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It is possible to create functional structures using simple and cheap tools.
In this instructable I'm building a cube frame which can be adapted to many uses. 

Submitted by DIN 2012, Université de Montréal, industrial design program, for the Instructables Sponsorship Program

Step 1: Materials & Skills

Materials are very basic:

+  rope / thread (depends on the look/solidity you need)
+  12 x poles / sticks / rods / ...
+  scissors  

Skills, forgotten fundamentals:
+  knotting techniques

Step 2: Knots to Know

You'll have to learn these knots:
  1. Constrictor knot
  2. Square lashing
  3. Square / Reef knot

Step 3: Assemble

To create a cube, assemble corners with the knots. 
  1. Start with the constrictor knot on the first stick
  2. Place the second stick on the first one at a right angle
  3. Bind the two sticks with the square lashing
  4. Add the third stick for the third axis
  5. Continue the square lashing
  6. Finish with the square knot
  7. Repeat on all the corners
Note: the rigidity of the structure depends on the tightness of the knots. Do the knots one step at a time, maintaining a reasonable tension on the rope while knotting. 

Step 4: Finishing

When all the corners are bound together, slide the sticks to straighten the structure, but of course it will be more solid if the sticks are almost at the right place when assembled. 

This technique is easily adaptable at large scales to build shelters or even forest furniture. 
You're cube is now ready to be used for something creative! 
Mine serves now as a picnic platform for my little parrot.