Basic Human Scan With Kinect & ReconstructMe Console

Introduction: Basic Human Scan With Kinect & ReconstructMe Console

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This instructable will cover the basic process of making a 3D Scan of a Human Body using the XBOX 360 Kinect, a Windows PC, and the software ReconstructMe (Console Edition).

Nicolas Brunet made a wonderful tutorial for doing a multivolume scan of a person. This instructable would not have been possible without his video. Check him out!

This instructable assumes a number of things!
1) You have some way of rotating a human around in a smooth, steady fashion. We will address this in a future instructable.
2) You have ReconstructMe Console Edition already installed and functioning with the appropriate drivers for your XBOX 360 Kinect 
3) You have a copy of Meshlab already installed and functioning.
4) You have a basic understanding of navigating the Windows environment.

Configuring ReconstructMe
ReConstructMe allows for a variety of different scanning modes. You can specify the detail level, scannable  volume size, and much more through a config file located in the cfg directory of your installed folder.  We utilized the default human_highres config file. You will need to tell ReconstructMe to use this file in order to complete a full body scan.

To do this:
  • Create a shortcut to the ReconstructMe.exe program
  • Right click on the shortcut
  • Select "properties"
  • Add this to the end of the target field: "--scan --sensor mskinect,0 --config cfg/volume_1m_highres.txt" 

Watch the video
Once you have ReconstructMe up and running, watch the video to learn how to make a basic scan. With everything setup properly, you should be able to digitize a full body within two or three minutes. Good luck!

Near Michigan?
All Hands Active is a hackerspace, we provide people with access to tools and resources! This rig is setup down at our shop and anytime we're open to the public, you are welcome to try using it. Check out our web site for more information, hours, etc. 

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    Oh my gosh, that was the most friendly, to the point, and helpful instructables guide I have seen :) If I had the materials on hand or some cash to get them, I would totally be playing with this the next free time I got. Please tell me how to do more cool things :)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hey there! :)

    Nice project! Could you tell me which version of ReconstructMe did you use? And maybe where I can get it now?