Introduction: Basic Loom Knit Techniques

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These are the most basic techniques to get you started loom knitting. I have videos explaining these methods on youtube.

Step 1: 2 Basic Cast on Methods

1st method E-Wrap Cast On: Take working yarn and wrap around behind, in front, and back behind the peg. This is the easiest cast on method.

2nd method Double Wrap Cast On: Take the working yarn and wrap around behind, in front, and back behind the peg twice. Then toss the bottom loop over the top. This is the method used for fine gauge.

Step 2: Knit Methods

Flat Knit: Tossing the bottom loop over the top loop.

True Knit: Pulling the working yarn from the top of the loop through the bottom, take original stitch off and place new loop on peg.

U-Knit: Similar to flat knit, but you wrap your working yarn half way around peg and toss bottom loop over. This method is suggested if you have a hard time keeping your flat knits loose.

E-Wrap: Is used for beginners, follow the E-Wrap Cast On but E-Wrap another row and toss the bottom loop over.

Step 3: Purl Method

Purl: Pull the working yarn through the bottom of the loop through the top, take original loop off and place new loop onto the peg.

Purling is great for creating simple texture in loom knitting. Instead of a chain appearance it is a straight horizontal line.

Step 4: Bind Off Methods

Binding Off: Knit pegs 1 and 2, take stitch 2 and place on peg 1, toss bottom loop over the top loop. Then move that stitch from peg 1 to peg 2, this is now peg 1. *Now knit peg 2, place stitch 2 onto peg 1 and toss bottom loop over the top loop. Move stitch 1 to peg 2. ** Repeat method from *-**

Drawstring Bind Off: Send waste yarn through every stitch, and drawstring together, like a drawstring for a bag.

This method is great for finishing off hats.

There is a number of Bind Off methods these are the most basic.

Step 5: Knitting Circularly and Knitting Flat

There are 2 methods of knitting.

Knitting Circularly means you will knit in the same direction row after row.

Knitting Flat means you will knit back and forth rather than in the same direction, this means your ends will not connect.

Circular knitting is great for hats and socks.

Flat knitting is great for scarves