Introduction: Basic Mounting and Riding on the Unicycle

this is my first Instructable! I will be teaching you how to mount and ride a unicycle.Now don't be mad if it takes you one to two months to learn. Things you will need are a unicycle,helmet,and COURAGE! if you follow teas steps you'll be riding in no time!

Step 1: Preparing to Mount

For basic learning a person preparing to mount is NEEDED! Now later on you will learn to just hop on. when you get your unicycle on your but you need to put your one prefer foot on the paddle then you push your one foot (prefer foot) and quickly put your other foot on the peddale.If you do this to fast you will tip over and if you don't catch your-self you will FACE PLANT!

Step 2: Riding

once your up you are going to slowly peddale forward!