Introduction: Basic Survival Kit

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I wanted to make a survival kit that I can always have with me in my backpack just in case. This is a run down of the things I keep in it and why I have them.

Step 1: The Case

I got this case from Walmart in the camping section, its watertight and even though it says its small it can hold a surprising amount of stuff in it.

Step 2: Fire

Here's a list of what I keep for fire starting:
- strike anywhere matches
- stormproof matches
- wet fire starters
- flint and steel
- lighter
- paper (with instructions/tips written out on it)
- tinfoil (it's not used for fire starting but it is used for cooking with the fire and boiling water)

I think having a fire is one of the most important things you can have when you're in a survival situation. Its used as a signal, a way to cook food, purify water, make tools, and plenty of other things.

Step 3: Water

Because this is suck a small kit I can't put things like pote into here to purify water so I went with the minimum amount possible. Here's what I keep for getting water:

- water purification tablets
- a Ziploc bag
- tinfoil (again super helpful)
- instructions/tips

Water is what's gonna keep you alive and healthy, you can survive awhile without food but without water you're not gonna survive long so getting water is your #1 priority along with starting a fire.

Step 4: Shelter

- paracord (securing parts of your shelter)
- an emergency blanket
- more instructions/diagrams
- duct tape (ok the bottom of both of the actions tins and by itself)

I actually don't know a lot about shelters so what I do is I look up videos and diagrams and I draw them out for different environments. These are the basic items that I think would be the most useful.

Step 5: Food

I keep the fishing hooks and line in that piece of duct tape inside the altoids tin. Here's another list of what I have for getting food:

- snare wire
- 1 pre-built snare
- bobby pins (can be used as a hook or to help secure things together)
- even more instructions/diagrams (oh what do you know I have instructions packed!)
- fishing hooks and line
- tin foil (cooking food)

Step 6: Medical

I have another kit for medical supplies but I keep some essentials in this kit just in case I don't have the other one. I'll make another instructable later on the medical kit. My essentials are

- bandages
- ibuprofen (I'm deathly allergic to rabbits so I kinda need these if I don't have my epipen)

I know there's a lot more medical stuff I could put in here but like I said I have all of that in my medical kit.

Step 7: Rescue

The goal of this kit is to survive so obviously being rescued is a big deal. Almost all of the pieces in this kit have a duel purpose and being seen/signalling someone is usually what the second purpose is. Here's the list:

- whistle
- signal mirror
- neon orange tape
- emergency blanket (its big and reflective)
- tin foil ( again it's so useful)
- flashlight (for signaling people at night)

I actually don't have instructions or tips on making signals so I'll have to add that in later.

Step 8: Conclusion

This kit isn't a comprehensive kit because I have to be able to bring it with me to school. It doesn't have any knives (but you could always add that) and it doesn't have a medical side really. this is mostly just the things I think are your basic things you should always have with you. I hope you liked my instructible and if you have any feedback I'd love to hear it because I'm sure I'm missing things. Also if you liked this don't forget to vote for me, I'd be super grateful!

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