Basic Tape Dispenser / Cutter




Introduction: Basic Tape Dispenser / Cutter

Most basic tape dispenser / cutter I could come up with, made from a piece of wire.

It consists of 2 parts: a pointy protruding piece of wire on the top (the HOOK), and a piece of wire spanning the width of the roll (the BAR) in the bottom.

To make a cut, you can pull back the tape (the un-sticky side) against the BAR, until you have the desired length. Then push the sticky side of the tape against the HOOK. Push the wire through the tape and rip off the piece at the desired length. The tape will now stick onto the HOOK, so you can easily find the end of the tape next time.

I found this very handy, because in any worshop or diy situation, a piece of wire is at hand most of the time. And it also works most of the time ;)

You need:

- roll of tape

- piece of stiff wire

- pliers for bending and cutting

Step 1: Cut a Straight Piece of Wire

Cut a piece of wire and straighten it. The wire should by pretty stiff. Cutting it with pliers creates a nice sharp point that can rip throug the tape. (and through your skin hahahah). The length should be about 4 times the width of the tape.

Step 2: Bend the Wire to Make the Hook/tape Cutter

Bend the wire as shown in the image, to make the HOOK and BAR.

Images are self-explanatory, I hope. Note that the HOOK should have a small angle at the end that should evenentually point away from the tape roll.

Step 3: Attatch the Wire to the Tape Roll

In preparation: find the end of the tape and pull it out for about an inch. Then fold it back onto itself so you have a 1/2 inch piece of tape sticking out. Hold the roll so, that the sticky part of the tape points up if you pull out the tape toward you.

Now hold up the wire against the tape roll so that the HOOK sits in the middle. Then fold the outer ends of the wire around the sides of the tape roll, and back to the inside, as shown in the images. The wire should clamp onto the roll of tape a bit, but it must be allowed to move along the roll freely. So you may need to bend back the ends of the wire a bit to loosen it.

If the HOOK sits flat on the surface of the roll, you may need to bend it a bit. The HOOK should stand out from the surface of the tape roll.

Step 4: Install the End of the Tape in the Dispenser

Find the 1/2 inch end of tape from the previous step and move the tape dispenser along the roll, until the end of the tape sits inbetween the HOOK and the BAR.

Now pull back the tape against the BAR. The tape dispenser will move back with the tape. Pull out the tape for about an inch and stick it onto the HOOK. You can now use the tape dispenser.

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