Introduction: Basic Elements to Night Rides

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Wow, the new contest could be my chance to write my first instructable...
Sometimes, you're riding your bike and night comes over. What will you do? Don't take unnecessary risks, prepare your bike to night rides for a few Euros/Dollars/Pounds/Yens/_______ (Other).

Step 1: Step 1: Think Where Cars' Lights Point At

Most times, car lights points to the floor, but many metres forward. So where will you place the lights and reflection items?

Yeah, in the lower bike zones.

Step 2: Step 2: Front and Rear Lights

Don't breake your head building your own lights, for a few coins, in your friendly bike shop, could buy the cheapest (but not a pair-o-LEDs one, at least must got between 3 and 5).

Front light must point about 3 or 4 metres forward. If your election has few light positions, a blinking one makes you more visible because differences you from a streetlamp ;), and keeps the batteries' life a bit longer.

Rear light must be in a horizontal line, over the rear wheel. Make sure there aren't obstacles between the light and your bike's back (for example the pannier rack or a long coat).

Step 3: Step 3: Reflection Items: Pedals

This is free blinking effect (like turn-side light signals), uses to be common on kids bikes, but is easy mount on an adult bike. When rider pedals were moving up and down, generates a turn signal effect, visible from the cars coming on your back.

Could happens that pedal hole is bigger than reflector's nuts. Don't panic, take some washers and put'em between pedal and nuts and... trouble solved.

Step 4: Step 4: Reflection Items: Frame

Other option is make visible your bike's frame. If you don't want to buy vinyl reflection stickys, try to obtain one of this:

Sometimes comes as a gift in sport magazines, or big events. Cut it carefully, and take off the metal inside (careful because could cut a finger in less than a second). Once you have 2 parts, glue it in the rear frames' fork.

If you want to keep your frame untouchable, fix it with electric tape.

Step 5: Step 5: Reflection Items: Clothes

Sometimes, cyclist rides by night wearing a reflective vest, but it's not obligatory (almost in iSPain). If you uses to ride with the same bag, stitch a reflective band on it, in the lower side. Could use a vest' one, or buy it in a hardware store.

Step 6: Step 6: Reflection Items: Wheels

Some brands have specific urban tires with a reflection band on both sides. It provides you more visibility on left and right cross.

Step 7: Step 7: Overdo It, Make Sure You're Visible

There're the possibility of overdo every step: powerful light systems, bought or home made, make a Christmas-Tree-bike (as seen on, or cover the whole frame on reflective stickys (as seen on Depends on your shame.

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