Introduction: Basics in Flying an Aircraft in Rigs of Rods

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I discovered Rigs of Rods at the year 2011 and I loved it. I always fly a 767 AA Airliner there. I kept on experimenting how to fly it smoothly since I think there is no autopilot. Anyway just tell me if there is autopilot for RoR and the key for it so I could put a step for it. I discovered that low speeds make it fly smoother. Now I will teach you the basics of it from take-off to landing. I landed in the middle of nowhere since I am still practicing how to land. NOTE: I DONT HAVE A FORUM ACCOUNT AND RIGS OF RODS IS FREE. THIS INSTRUCTABLE IS NOT INTENDED FOR TRAINING OR REFERENCE FOR FLYING IN REAL LIFE. IF YOU WANT TO LEARN TO FLY A REAL AIRCRAFT, GO TO A FLIGHT SCHOOL.

Step 1: You Will Need:

1. Rigs of Rods

2. Flat map, Simple Terrain or Grenoble.(or any map with airport)

3. Any Aircraft(I recommend Antonov 12 for beginners)

Step 2: Controls(Only Those I Know)


CTRL+Home - Turn on/off engines

Page Up/Page Down - Throttles

Arrow Down Key - Go up

Arrow Up Key - Go down

Z - Left rudder

X - Right rudder

Arrow Left/Right Key - Turn

1 - Flaps up

2 - Flaps down

F3 - Gear Up

F4 - Gear Down

3 - Airbrake down

4 - Airbrake up

M - Lights

N - Nose gear light

Step 3: Taxiing to the Runway

I know it's kinda hard but just put the throttles maybe in 1/8 or something. Use also the rudder when entering the runway. I suggest to do this first on an Antonov 12.

Step 4: Prepare for Takeoff

Put down flaps. Put throttles in full with afterburners. Remove afterburners when the altitude indicator(which tells the flight level) is in 50-75(could be 5000-7500)You can remove it by pressing once the Page Down.

Step 5: Taking Off

You can either take off with pressing down button or without. Once the altimeter is on 6-10, put flaps a little up and retract landing gear if you want. Once at 50-75, remove afterburners. To cruise, just lower your throttles to 3/8.

Step 6: Cruising

Cruise without flaps and throttles on 3/8. If it stalls, press flap down once and put throttles to half. You will really make it ascend slightly but it's okay because I think Rigs of Rods don't have autopilot.

Step 7: Approach

Start an approach by putting throttles to idle or 1/8 thrust. Line up at the runway but I just landed anywhere because it's hard to locate an airport in Rigs of Rods.Press flaps half. Press airbrakes twice or once. Put landing gear on and make sure it is on brakes.

Step 8: Landing

When landing, make sure that you put full flaps at final approach and full airbrake and wheelbrake at touchdown because most jets has no thrust reverser.