Introduction: Basics of Archery

This Instructable will show you how to shoot a bow safely and accurately. I have a rebound bow but these instructions will work with other types of bows too for the most part.

Step 1: Find Your Bow

Find a good bow, one that's your size. If you have a bow that's too small, you will pull back too far and break the bow. If you have one that's too big, you won't be able to pull it back all the way. Bow sizes are measured in pounds. I'm 5' 7" and my bow size is about 26 pounds, but if you go to a bow store, usually there is someone there that will fit you for a bow.

Step 2: Get Your Arrows

The arrows are important too. When you buy arrows, make sure you check that they will work with your bow. You don't want to buy arrows that will snap if you try to shoot them in your 50lb bow. The package will usually say something like "will work in bows up to 35 pounds".

Step 3: Safety

When you are getting ready to shoot your bow, make sure there are no little kids or pets running around (obviously), and if someone responsible wants to watch you shoot, make sure they stand behind you AT ALL TIMES. When shooting with other people, stand in a side-by-side line and make sure to agree on when to go get your arrows so people don't get shot accidentally.

Step 4: Gear

Another thing I want to mention is that you can buy different kinds of protective gear, mainly just arm guards and finger guards. These might be worth investing in, arm guards to prevent the dreaded string burn (feels like a bad sunburn), and finger guards to protect your fingers from getting scraped up when you pull the bowstring back. Another thing to consider is getting a quiver, to hold your arrows.

Step 5: Ready...

When you're ready to actually shoot the bow, you need to learn how to stand. You want to have your side facing the target, and have your feet shoulder-length apart.

Step 6: Aim...

Now you need to nock an arrow. Ok, so look at the arrow. The end that doesn't have a point is called the nock. You need to insert it near the middle of the bowstring. There is usually a little metal piece on the bowstring, to help you aim. The end with the tip goes on the handle of the bow. DON'T rest the arrow on your hand. It hurts when you let go. Draw the string back, your hand should be resting on your face. Look down the shaft (long, sticklike part) of the arrow. It should be pointing at your target.

Step 7: Fire!

If you don't get it in the first time, try not to be too disappointed. When I first started, my arrows would somehow end up five feet away from what I was aiming at. You won't be Katniss on your first shot. Practice makes perfect. Keep shooting. You'll get one in.

Step 8: Good Job!

Thanks for checking out my Instructable! Be sure to check out my other Instructables, "10 Tips for Organizing", "Outdoor Survival Kit", and "Plastic Bag Water Collection System". I hope you had fun. Have questions, comments, or concerns? Please leave them in the comment box below. Feel free to share pictures of your accomplishments.