Introduction: Basics of Making a Hemp Bracelet or Necklace

The basics of hemp bracelets.

Step 1: Materials: Hemp

Oviously the one thing you HAVE to have to make hemp jewelry is HEMP! There are a couple different kinds.

There are three basic sizes: thin, medium, and thick. Hemp comes in it's natural color. But it also comes in dyed colors. Almost any color imaginable. At walmart they have natural hemp and a few different colors but if you really want cool colors you'll need to go to a local craft store.

Step 2: Materials: Beads

Beads are optional. You can get any kind you want as long as the hole is big enough for atleast one string. Walmart has a big selection but if u want A LOT of coices go to hobby lobby or Micheals. Also I'm sure any craft store will have them. You can also use pendants and charms.

Step 3: Materials: Common Sense Objects

Oviously you'd need scissors. You may also need a yard stick or tape measure. You can use tape to secure your project to a hard surface or use a saftey pin and pin it to a pillow