Introduction: Basics on How to MASTER Your Wood Lathe

If you’ve ever wondered how to use a wood lathe, you don’t wanna miss this instructables. This instructable goes through all the basics of how to transform a piece of wood into a beautiful object of your choice. To make beautiful parts is not a race it as a labor of love. hope you enjoy the instructable.

Step 1: Mounting

Cut a "X" pattern in you wood block so it can mount on the the lathe chuck. Then you can start forming your wood

Step 2: Rough Shaping

Using the big gouge you can rough down the square block it to a cylinder. Run the backside of the tool along the wood to see if it is smooth

Step 3: Final Shaping

Using calipers transfer the dimensions from the paper to the wood using a parting tool and the calipers. Then add the contours and beads until you have the shape you want.

Step 4: Sanding

Remove the tool post before you start sanding. You can wrap sandpaper around a dowel rod to the curves. Do not put pressure on with your finger it will heat up and burn you very fast so BE CAREFUL.

Step 5: Make More Stuff!!

Now you can use this to make char legs or chess pieces. Just practice a lot and take your time don't rush though it.