How to Basket Weave



Introduction: How to Basket Weave

You will be able to basket weave and create a handle for you basket.

You will need:

  • At least 92 strips of 12.5x 5cm pieces of paper (made in instructions)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Paint and straw or paint brushes(optional)
  • Glue
  • Extra piece of paper for bottom

Step 1: Measuring the Paper

First take a piece of paper- Can be coloured- and a ruler. Create strips of paper that are 12.5 x 5cm.

>You will need at least 97 strips to make your 3 rows.

Step 2: Cut Your Strips

Follow the lines created in step 1 with scissors and cut the strips out.

Step 3: Fold Your Strips

Fold all of your strips horizontally 4 times, around 1.3 cm for each fold. Creating 1.3 x 12.5cm strips keep one strip this size and continuing with the rest. Fold the strip vertically to make the ends touching. Unfold that and make the ends meet at the middle by folding in the two sides to the middle. This should make a strip that is around 3 cm long. Fold the two strips that meet together in the middle together again.

Step 4: Weaving

Take your pieces that you folded in the last step. Put each piece through the middle of the other one. Repeat step 32 (or more) times, then move on to next strip. Make sure each strip has an equal amount of strips.

If having trouble, make the little loops bigger and weave the piece through.

Step 5: Connecting

Take you 3 rows and stack them on top of each other. Take your left over strip and weave it through the middle of one weaved strip on each row, having the access paper at the bottom of the basket.

Step 6: Optional- Painting

Taking your basket and paint you can suck up 1cm of paint into the straw (NOT TO YOUR MOUTH) then blow into the straw hard at on top the basket making a splatter paint.

You can also paint in any other form.

Step 7: Making the Bottom

Find the circumference of the basket, making a circle that is 1-3 cm bigger. Glue around the bottom of the basket and the edges of the piece of paper. Place the bottom paper folded into the basket making sure the glue is in full contact with the paper.

If wanted you can use cardboard instead of paper for the bottom.

Step 8: Making the Handle

Glue together 3 strips of 12.5x 5 pieces of paper, the glue it to the sides.

Or weave around 15 strips together to make a handle if wanted.

Step 9: Final Steps

You can glue in places the the basket is not strong. And don't forget to add accessories to it!

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    4 years ago

    Nice basket! Thank you for sharing the steps on how you made it :)