Introduction: Basketball Arcade Game

  • I've been trying to hunt down a type of Arcade game that would be perfect for my viewers but it was just so hard to think of an idea. I have begun to try and document some good ideas such as a table tennis game, air hockey game etc, but these were just too difficult to design and create. That's where my fabulous basketball game came to mind. Just thinking of a Basketball game just caught my attention
  • One problem was that my game needed to be perfect for my viewers. For my game to be fun and addictive I would want it to be:
  • Entertaining
  • Enjoyable
  • And most of all it must be Fun


Here are some materials you will need

  • Scissors / Stanley Knife (I suggest you use parental supervision if you're using a sharp knife)
  • 3 cardboard toilet paper rolls
  • A box (46cm length, 23 cm height, 32cm Width) If you do not have that size try and get a box that has around the same size
  • Glue (Preferably super glue) If using super glue - USE GLOVES
  • Paper
  • Sharpie (Permanent marker)

Step 1: The Box


You first want to cut out the four flaps on the opening of the box. You also want to cut out the 'front' side of the Box.

Step 2: The Rim (Part 1)


To make the rim you will need to get a piece of Cardboard (length - 17cm and width - 12cm). You then need to cut 6 even holes to go around the piece of Cardboard

Step 3: The Rim (Part 2)


In this step, you will need to get 3 toilet paper rolls from around your house.

You then need to get your scissors or Stanley knife to cut each toilet paper roll in half (Try get close to cutting halfway, but if you want you can measure the halfway point where you'll cut it)

When this is completed you then will need to get glue (preferably super glue) to stick each of the half toilet paper rolls onto the holes (As shown in the video where I have stuck only ONE of the rolls to cardboard, you will need to stick all 6 rolls)

Step 4: Sticking Everything On


In this step, you will need to get your glue (or super glue) and glue the edges of the backboard onto the box (Shown in the first image)

After its nicely stuck onto the box you then need to get your rim with the rolls on it and stick it to the backboard (Be careful as you need to hold the rim up while the glue dries or your rim will fall down and break)

Step 5: Extra Step

Just to finish get a piece of paper and rip a small piece of it so you can scrunch it up and use it as a ball


If you would like to have your ball (scrunched up paper) to come back to you, you can make a ramp that sits underneath the rim

If you would like to do this, get a part of the extra cardboard you had from cutting the flaps in Step 1 (length - 28.5, width - 15) if you have trouble with the ramp being too big you can just cut a bit off on either side of the ramp


Just to finish get a piece of paper and rip a small piece of it so you can scrunch it up and use it as a ball

Step 6: Step 6: Playing the Game

If you would like to play a proper game with your Basketball RIng you can stick numbers on each of the 6 rings to show as if they are the points you get when you get the ball in

You can just use a sharpie or permanent marker to write the numbers down next to the ring

How to play:

TO play the game you can get a brother, sister or one of your parents to play. Both people who are playing can put it on a table, desk or a shelf and you can just sit on a chair so your game is at the same height as you

(In the image it shows me sitting on a chair and I just put the game on my desk