Basketball Arcade




Introduction: Basketball Arcade

Step 1: Materials and Outline

Materials you will need:
Exto knife
Hot glue gun
Tape (double sided)
I decided to make a outline of what I need to cut out and make. This project takes a lot of time, but it's worth it at the end.

Step 2: Hoop

What you need to cut out is and backboard, rim, and net. This is an easy part but takes time to do. Soon, you'll hot glue the pieces together. Also, near the end, make sure the hoop fits into the basketball arcade, or else you'll have to make the hoop again, but smaller. To make the project more easier, just make the hoop and hot glue it to the back of the basketball arcade, so it takes less time to make and harder to play when finish, but fun.

Step 3: Sides and Court

Now it's time to make the sides of the machine and the court. Make a triangle/rectangle shape as one and cut it out. Draw another one and cut it out.
Then court is a little hard. A long rectangle court is easy, but to make it more difficult, put a few holes in the court to slow people down, and for the balls to go in if you miss.

Step 4: Hot Glue

Now to hot glue. Draw a line about 1/4 up from the rectangle/triangle shape (both) and make a line with the marker and hot glue their. Be very careful, the glue is super hot! Then put the court on the marked line with hot glue and hold it for a minute to let the glue cool down and stick. Then do the other side. This the first part you will have to hot glue.

Step 5: Bottom and Back

Now for the bottom. The bottom is for the holes when the balls fall in. But bend the bottom cardboard to make it a slope so it comes down. Just draw a outline of the court and cut it out to make the bottom. Then hot glue it just like the sides and court. Then your ready to go into the hard parts.
But first, I would put the hot glue on the very sides of the cardboard, so when you put the back on, it will stay and you'll not have hot glue and stuff all over the project.

Step 6: Launcher

Now for the launcher. Cut out a skinny piece of cardboard and bend it around to make it like some tombstone. Then draw two outlines of the open parts that will close those open parts of the launcher. Then on the top of the launcher, make a circle and hot glue it on top. Then make one very small piece that goes around the inside of the circle, where the ball can rest.
If you try to rush this part, it may mean you have to do most of the project over again. So do this very, very carefully.

Step 7: Fully Done Launcher

Here's the fully done launcher, and it's pretty cool. Don't make it too big, or else you'll have to make the launcher again, or have to make it work somehow. You may need to use a rubber band or two to make the completed launcher, but it's your choice. You can put hot glue on the rubber band(s) so that it stays on.

Step 8: Almost Done

Put more things to the sides. Now next, we have to make a roof and hot glue the launcher to the basketball arcade, and a ball holder.

Step 9: Top Part

In order for the balls to not go over the hoop, make the back a little taller with another piece of cardboard and hot glue it on. Then the balls will go through the holes and come back to place instead of getting the balls that are behind the basketball arcade machine.

Step 10: Complete, Success!!!

Now the basketball arcade machine is completed. Now it's time to play it. Make sure before play that everything is glue tightly.

Step 11: Credits

We did a great job. Thank you for the people who helped below:
Nate Thaman
Justin Battle
Andrew Bickel
Sam Purvines
I had fun making this project, and I hope you guys do too.

Step 12: How to Shoot

Forgot to add this, but to shoot, just pull the launcher back and let go (not too hard, or it'll break). Have fun making this.

Step 13: Rules

Try my rules:
Play a 30 second game and try to get 15 points in 30 seconds, then start again and go to 30 points while keeping the points you scored above 15 or 15. It's hard to play, but it takes time and if you practice, you will master the game of the basketball arcade.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice thing you got here. I remember when I made a cardboard pinball machine


    9 years ago

    Yep, try making it and see for yourself how fun it is