Introduction: Basketball Return Mechanism

If you are tired of having to chase after the ball for every made basket, this is a great easy way to help aid in that and put up a lot more shots.

Step 1: Materials

List of Materials Used:

1. Collapsible Hamper/Laundry Basket

2. Cable w/ hooks on both ends

(I used a 24 in cable but length shouldn't be too much of a concern)

3. Duct Tape

4. Scissors

5. Old Belt

Step 2: Cut Out the Bottom

Cut the bottom of the hamper.

This will serve as where the basketball exits out of and comes back to you.

Step 3: Collapse and Tape

Collapse one side and tape it using duct tape

I wrapped 4 times and used an optional ziptie for extra strength

Step 4: Cut the Cable Holes

Cut two holes around 8 inches apart near the top of the hamper.

These holes are where you will fit the cable in to hang from the rim.

Add duct tape around the hole in order to decrease chance of tearing when using.

Step 5: Thread the Cable

Put the Cable in between the holes making sure that both hooks are facing up and are on the outside of the hamper.

Step 6: Hook on to Rim

Go outside to wherever your rim is and place the hooks on the rim railing.

Step 7: Fasten Belt

Take the belt and loop and fasten it around the front of the hamper and the front of the rim.

Adjust tightness based on the angle you would like the ball to come out.

(Tighter the belt, higher the angle)

Step 8: Video

Shows the same steps and the product in action.

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