Introduction: Basketball Shot Form

Hello everyone,

If you are looking for a nice, easy way to learn how to properly shoot a basketball, check out my instructable. I hope it is helpful.


Step 1: Put Your Dominant Hand on the Horizontal Seam

Step 2: Put Your Middle Finger in the Center of the Ball

Step 3: Put Your Other Hand on the Ball and Make a “W” With Your Two Hands

Step 4: Keep Your Feet Shoulder Width Apart and Bend Your Knees With Your Dominant Leg Slightly in Front of the Other Leg

Step 5: Bend Your Dominant Arm Up at a 90-degree Angle and Use Your Non-dominant Hand As a Support to Hold the Ball in Place

Step 6: Keep Your Eyes on the Basket, Visualize the Ball Going Through the Rim Without Hitting Anything As It Goes In

Step 7: Let the Ball Roll Back in Your Hand Up on to Your Fingertips

Step 8: Go Up on Your Toes

Step 9: Push the Ball Straight Toward the Basket Making a Nice Arc Between Your Hand and the Basket

Step 10: Let Your Arm Follow Through the Push and Let Your Fingers Finish With a Flicking Motion

Step 11: Breathe Through the Process and Practice Repeatedly Until You Can Use Your Shot Form Under the Intense Pressure in a Game