Introduction: Bass Clock

Step 1: Laser In-grave

Use a laser in-graver, find a picture you like and laser it in.

Step 2: CNC Router

Find a word or name you like and set it up in the CNC Router.

Step 3:

Step 4: Paint

Paint the letters so they pop.

Step 5: Sanding

Sanding extra paint off.

Step 6: Drilling

Drill the hole for the clock.

Step 7: Polly/wire Sanding

Polly your wood to add a clear coat. Also sand with a wire ball/brush so the coat becomes smooth.

Step 8: Parts

Put the clock stem in.

Step 9: Nut

Put the washer and nut on.

Step 10: Nut

Tighten down.

Step 11: Glue/set

Glue your numbers on and fasten the clock hands down.

Step 12: Done

Enjoy your clock.

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