Introduction: Bass Drum Pedal - 5 Minute

5 Minute Bass Drum Pedal
For my Home made Drum Set - that keeps the naighburs happy.

The sound on video is horrible (video made vitth phone)- In reality i get a deep base and pedal actualy works much better than I expected.

Step 1: Collecting the Parts

1) Mechanical part comes from an old Broom.
2) Cut a peace of back in the days blue sponge - > and tape it to the stick
3 You also need some eleastic - got mine from (again) old backpack
4) Pedal: firs joice broke imediately so I went for the kitchen board that feel behind the counter long ago ;)
5) Wire everything (see picture) and adjust the lenghts and strength of elastic
6) Attach the stick an woila, - addicted to BASE ;P