Introduction: Bass Fishing for Pros and Beginners

About: I am 14 years old and I live in Waco Texas,I like making things out of wood and fixing things!and nature photography!and like the out doors I also love fishing, I love bass fishing!

Step 1: Selecting Lures for Different Waters

When bass fishing after a rain or in dirty water have a spinner bait or a flashy crank bait bass usually go shallow when the water level goes up

Step 2: Rod and Reel Type

I have a 13 tackle fishing casting reel on a omen black. But I really recommend this rod and reel ducket and pflueger combo I use it a lot.Im going to recommend for beginners to just use spinning reels though because bait casters are harder to cast and if you think you really are going like fishing then the spinning rod and reels in the picture are the ones for you. Also a cool little thing I recently got is a ibobber its a cast able fish finder.

Step 3: Soft Plastic and All Round Baits

These are some of my favorite all round baits I like biospawn baits a lot and when bass fishing it doesn't matter how big the bait is bass will eat it

Step 4: Mystery Tackle Box

Mystery tackle box is an online fishing business that cost 15 dollars for regular 20 for pro regular has about 20 dollars worth of baits in them the pro which I get has about 30 to 40 to 50 dollars worth it's a box comes in the mail every month and random baits come to try maybe you'll find your new favorite lure I found a bunch so if your a pro or a beginner go to their website and get a box I love their business!