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Golly gee willikers Batman!!!!

I have wanted to make this for such a long time, and I am really happy that I got round to doing it. This has also been a really fun project and will hang in my workshop for a long time to come. This can also be done with minimal tools and is a very short build time. This Bat signal includes a clock and RGB Led lighting.

Step 1: Always Be Yourself! Unless You Can Be Batman. Then Always Be Batman.

I wanted the Bat signal to have the classic Batman logo, this was printed at A2 and mounted onto some 8mm Plywood using spray adhesive. I wanted it to represent the classic logo as much as possible so I cut out two pieces one for the black Batman symbol and one for the yellow background.

Step 2: "It's Not Who I Am Underneath, But What I Do That Defines Me"

Once each of the pieces were painted with two layers of primer, it was time to add some colour. Two coats of yellow matt spray paint for the background and two coats of black for the Bat symbol, ensuring to lightly sand between each one.

Next I started to fit the clock mechanism to the back of the bat symbol, I did this by cutting out a recess into the bat symbol using a chisel and a Dremel, it needed to be about 6mm deep so I had to be careful to not break through the other side. Once this was done I drilled a small hole for the spindle and fixed it in place with some epoxy.

In order to space the bat symbol away from the background I glued two small blocks onto the background, which the Bat symbol can then screw into. This means its really easy to access the clock in order to set the time or change the battery.

Step 3: "The Night Is Darkest Just Before Dawn"

Next comes the light, I actually found this part the most frustrating and this was simply because the adapters that came with the RGB LED strip were rubbish and meant that I had to solder all of the wires connecting each strip together, which at first was a real pain.

I did this by cutting each of the strips to their required length and then cutting away the rubber coating on the ends to expose the copper connections. I then removed the adaptor heads and used the wires and ensuring to align them all correctly for example + to +, I them soldered them in place, and wrapped each connection with some electrical tape. I then also hot glued the LED strip in place as the self adhesive backing was useless. Once this was done I secured the power supply in place with some screws.

Step 4: "I'm Batman"

Lastly, I glued another piece of wood onto the back, and hanged this onto the wall by using a saw tooth picture hanger.

Overall, I am really happy with how this has turned out and I now have a Bat signal for my man cave. I enjoy how you can customise the colour options with the LED strips. The second picture above is actually with the yellow turned on yet for some reason in the picture it looks white. I also really quite like the blue.

I appreciate any comments that you have and would love to see any examples of similar work that you might have.


Happy Making.

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